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Month & Day Of  Wedding Planning

I am here to help you enjoy your final month leading up to your wedding! Bask in the joy that you are getting married! Let me help you coordinate all your wedding details so that you may focus and fully enjoy your special day. During the consultations we will work together to collect the appropriate information and create a timeline. As your wedding coordinator, I will act at the main point of contact for your guests and vendors so that you may just relax and enjoy one of your most important and exhilarating days of your life!


​This service includes:

1. Leading up to your wedding day!​

  • Create your day of timeline.

  • ​​​​​Discuss the floor plan and layout.

  • Recommend preferred vendors.

  • Discuss any additional details or special considerations.

  • Unlimited communication​.

  • One venue walk-through

  • Confirming bookings and responsibilities with vendors

  • Review all venue and vendor contracts.

  • Provide day of timeline and venue map and directions to your vendors

  • Using comprehensive wedding task lists to ensure all planning components are covered.

  • Overseeing the wedding rehearsal​ and help you and your party feel confident and ready for the big day!

2. ​Your wedding day!

  • Point of contact for all involved.

  • Coordinating and supervising vendors at the ceremony and reception sites.

  • Managing items and logistics for the wedding, including wedding rings, wedding certificate, etc. before the ceremony.

  • Ensuring end of event arrangements are made such as collecting gifts and your other items. 

  • Coordinate with DJ or main emcee to ensure your wedding day flows according to the timeline we confirmed.

  • Assisting with set up and takedown (keep in mind, it is your responsibility. to designate a small set up and takedown team since most venues have a specific time guests need to vacate and have personal items removed and safely stowed away in your vehicles).

  • Provide a Wedding Planner's emergency kit.

  • Distribute final payments and gratuities and thank you cards to vendors as necessary.

  • Constantly working to stay on track with the plan and timing so that you may thoroughly focus on your day.


3. Cost for Services flat fee: $2,000***

  • Breakdown of hours worked:

    • 3-5 Pre Wedding-Consultations (3-5 hours).

    • Creation of master wedding day timeline (1 hour).

    • Establishment of wedding day inventory (vendor list, rental list, marriage certificate, rings, etc.) (1-2 hours).

    • Delate checklist, who’s bringing the cake, deserts, who’s setting up the tables and centerpieces, etc (1-2 hours).

    • 1 Wedding Venue walk thru prior to the wedding plus drive time (1.5-3 hours).

    • 1 Rehearsal plus drive time (30 minutes each way) (1.5-3 hours).

    • Day of Wedding plus drive time (30 minutes each way) start 9am & end 11pm = 15 hours.

    • Hours prepping the rehearsal and wedding day schedule/timeline and time coordinating with vendors prior to the wedding day (16 hours).

    • Total 40 hours @ $50/hour

      • ***Additional labor for having me solely set up decor, tables, chairs, etc. on the wedding day $80.00/hour added to total cost of services estimated above.

      • ***On the wedding day if you need me to stay over 14 hours and later than 12 am the charge is $100/hour added.

    • Total 40 hours @ $50/hour.

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